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Known frauds

Know more? Contact us, "Scott Thompson", Intercap S.A.

Published: July 28, 2017
Updated: September 21, 2017
Progress: This story is under active investigation. Check back for continued updates. Tips? Help us, help the world!

• This is a 100% confirmed scam and fraud.

• Update 21-Sept-2017: And without further ado, this is "Scott Thompson" (Verified NOT to be his real name). What is his real name? Update #2 coming. ;)





•  This is not a 'witch hunt', these photos have been independently verified 3 times, by 3 independent sources. And, we are nothing if not honest! We sat on these photos until one brave person who captured them, gave us permission to publish them. (Thank you brave person!)

• He also uses the name "Corey Davidson"

• Scott claims to be part of INTERPOL and has threatened customers, after sending him a first payment, to "block their passport" (his actual recorded words) if they don't send him more money

• The company operates as: "LLC Intercap Georgia" in the country of Georgia

         This is a Euro (€) invoice of Scott's​


This is a USD invoice of Scott's

Update Pending: We have reached out to the European, Georgian, and American banks for comment on their position in assisting fraudulent companies, especially those impersonating INTERPOL, and will post an update with their response.

Scott also claims to be affiliated with Henley and Partners. We are reaching out to Henley and Partners for comment, and will post an update with their response.

Henley and Partners has released the following statement via e-mail with us -

"... we have been in touch with all of our offices, and based on the information you have provided, neither “Scott Thompson” nor the company 2ndpassports is known to any of our Managing Partners.
We would appreciate it if you could update the investigative report on your website accordingly:"

We respect and appreciate Henley and Partners response and dedication to checking with their network of 29 offices. recently changed their WhatsApp phone number from +79296022584 to +995595722997

• Update Aug-21-2017: And now to +37254042218 (after Scott scammed another person who contacted us), to avoid contact with those the customers they have defrauded.

• Scott Thompson claims he is from Canada.

• Scott Thompson's email signature claims he is "CEO" of the company, but he has said he was "partners".

• Scott Thompson claims the company is from 2004 but a simple search on "Internet Archives Wayback Machine" will tell you all you need to know.

Here is a sample of Scott's voice (and promises)





We wonder if TBC Bank Georgia, "The Guatemalan Government", or INTERPOL know Scott is making these claims? We are reaching out for comment and will post an update with their response. 

• Scott has a very unique style of writing, and a very unique voice - we think these will help all people avoid Scott in the future.

We have received communications from entities who know "Scott" (after hearing his voice), and we will be supplying that information shortly.

It has come to our attention that when questioned about bad reviews, Scott will say the victim did something wrong. For example, one person emailed us and said they questioned Scott on a bad twitter review, and Scott said the bad twitter review customer had "committed a felony after they began the customers paperwork", so Scott couldn't refund the money and it wasn't his fault. Buyer beware!

We now have "Scott's" verified IP address, which we've been in contact with INTERPOL with (for his impersonating them) and almost all of Tbilisi Georgia with. Sharing is caring, here, you can have it too.

Location: Georgia - Tbilisi (Dushet'is Raioni)
Network Provider: Magticom Ltd.

If you know this company, message us.

We are in the process of contacting all the websites that list as legitimate (we suspect they paid for this privilege), if those sites don't remove these referrals, we'll add them here.

Hi Scott! Intercap Georgia citizenship passport scam invoice Intercap Georgia citizenship passport scam bank information in Georgia and America Intercap Georgia citizenship passport scam invoice

This is Scott's shoe, and "office"

Website Updates

Published: August 02, 2017

Updated: September 21, 2017

Update 21-Sept-2017: Well it's been a month since we've updated, and what an update it is. ;) And we're just getting started.

We are being crushed by sad messages from those who have been scammed. We want to help everyone but it is going to take some time. Thank you for reaching out and not giving up. There is hope. We are giving priority assistance to those that are being scammed now (in the process). Please be patient! We are here for you.

We are hearing from a lot of different language friends. To translate the site, use Google Translate. We also added some Header Code Meta Tags to make this easier in Google Chrome. We're working on an even easier solution, check back.

• We are really surprised by the amount of emails and traffic to this site in just one week; averaging about 100 unique page views per day. Thanks! So we've added a branded URL and more to come! Nice to hear from you all.

• We are currently working on a backlog: the forum, answering all your emails, and the current active investigation which has our top priority. Please be patient with us, and don't spend your money before you are 100% sure!


Published: August 04, 2017

Updated: August 07, 2017

Progress: This is a 100% confirmed fraud, and although we never "close" investigations, it's not being actively investigated. Have more info? Message us!

• Well this is a sad one, looks like everyone is up for hire.

• This is a 100% confirmed scam. is fully and clearly aiding and abetting known passport scammer,

• Article 1:

• Article 2:

• Isn't it so nice how they bold and * asterisked a referral to a scam company within their own article, for free? Aww!

• But it could only be bested by the fact that they claim:

"there is now also a handful of highly credible websites like Arton Capital,, Nomad Capitalist and Henley and Partners (plus a ton of less credible sites)"

They mean "less credible" ... than even themselves,  Passport We'll Take Your Money for A Good Review dot com? Correction: ""

• Even more, they have the exact same Twitter post ( and, at the exact same time. Wow! What a coincidence! (Not!)

We've reached out to for comment, but they moderate (seek approval first) of the comments on their article comment sections (Hm),  and aren't answering our emails (Hm!); we will post an update with their response (or lack thereof). 

As suspected,'s response to our questions, is ...... (nothing) ..... and to continue bot posting on their Twitter.

Here is a tip, if you needed any more proof is a fraud.



Whenever companies you suspect may be related, but acting separate, promoting (or in this case, attempting to legitimize) each other independently; check their WHOIS information. If they block their 'Contact Information' with "Domains By Proxy" (or other), be suspicious. If they share the same 'Registrar', be very suspicious. In this case, a Tbilisi Georgia company ( and this share the same Registrar in ... America (?). What are the chances? Well, 1 in 2,957 Registrars* (00.0003%) (*as of 2013). Unfortunately, us posting this means enterprising scammers will probably use non-similar Registrars in the future, so the next best question is to ask them 'why, if you're spending thousands of dollars, they're hiding their Contact Information?'. We suspect you won't hear back, and that's a good thing.​​

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